Pecorino Terre di Chieti IGP vino biologico

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Pecorino  is an indigenous white grape from Marche. Its origins are ancient but we know very little about them. It is common in the Piceno area and its particular name comes from the fact that the land was devoted in particular to raising sheeps ( pecora in italian). The Pecorino grape was recently rediscovered,  in the past was relegated to narrow areas due to ist reduced productivity. Only recently, some forward-thinking producers start to vinifcate it with excellent results obtaining wines of great structure and intensity.

The Pecorino grape is medium-low vigor and early maturing. It gives a straw yellow wine with green hitns when young. It displays the typical aromas of tropical fruit and white flowers, broom, acacia and jasmine. Fine and persistent.

APPELLATION: Protected  Geographical Indication


SOIL: Clay – Limestone


HARVEST:  Manual harvest at the begining of September

YIELD: 100

VINIFICATION: The whole bunches are sent in pneumatic presses where are crushed and softly pressed. The must is fermented at a low temperature (12-14°C), with immediate refrigeration to encourage decanting and elimination of turbidity in suspension. It is aged in stainless steel tanks and in bottle before release.

ALCOHOL : 13,00 % abv

FLAVOUR CHARACTERISTICS: Bright straw yellow, the nose reveals fruity notes of citrus and exotic clear mold that open to a refreshing and pleasant taste. Net acidity, great balance, is tasty with a long finish.

FOOD PAIRING: Excellent as an aperitif, Pecorino goes well small samples of raw fish, sushi and sashimi in particular, but also based on white meats, fresh cheeses, pasta and vegetable soups.